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inkedquill's Journal

27 May
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I find it rather difficult to sum myself up in a mini-autobiography. I find that my likes, dislikes, desires, aspirations, beliefs and personality continue to evolve as I experince new things in life and I don't find it fair to limit my being to what I am feeling and thinking at this one moment. So, what are some constants that have not chaged over my almost 24 years of existence: family, friends, pets, food and New Orleans will always take priority in my heart (and in that order); I enjoy acting and singing and basically being center of attention; I love the idea of traveling and seeking out the beauty in the world's landscapes and forces of nature; and I'm an optimist who believes that in the end everything will be okay even if there is a few bumps, mountains or craggy cliffs along the way. Other than that, I suppose you will just have to read my journals to understand me so I guess I should probably choose such words with care.